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Sheetal's bio

Sheetal (31 July 2000) is a born dragon. A young actrice, excited, proud, vibrant, strong, outgoing, successful, and powerful. She is a perfectionist, very ambitious, self-confident and always approaches everything in a positive “can-do” attitude.


Her passion for acting started from an early age. Sheetal knows all of the Disney and Nickelodeon movies and series from her youth. As a toddler, she watched all of the Dutch children's series and watched Bollywood, Disney, and Nickelodeon Dvd’s on repeat. She was singing and dancing to all of the songs. She even started to know a lot of dialogues from the top of her head and she sang along with the songs. Her love for acting and music was born!! 

When she was 4 years old, she started with private piano lessons and when she was 8 years old she started going to theatre school, where she played in several musicals.

Sheetal has Indian ancestral roots, looks like Pocahontas and was born and raised in the Netherlands. Her parents are from Surinam, South-America. She always wanted to build bridges using her rich cultural background, her beautiful golden-brown skin tone and her home country, the Netherlands.


At the age of 16, she began her professional acting career when playing in the Dutch youth movie Hotel de Grote L. That same year, Sheetal was invited to Orlando, Florida USA for on-site acting trainings and workshops. She was fortunate to work with a variety of Disney and the ABC Family Channel stars like Raven Symone, Peyton List, Spencer List, Sofia Wylie and many more. After that experience, Sheetal grew strongly with her acting and performing skills, for which she is grateful for everyone who helped her through this journey. Where possible, Sheetal tries to help others within the art of acting, for which she went back to the USA several times and helps upcoming artist within the Netherlands. 


In the past years Sheetal has been thoroughly trained by the best casting directors in the industry, which makes her strong in her acting capabilities and pleasant to work with any film or TV director.

The most recent work from Sheetal is in the new Dutch youth TV series on Nickelodeon, called Creator Camp. Sheetal plays the role of Milou. It will be aired on Dutch national television from October 2020.

Also, Sheetal played in the Dutch youth TV series on Dutch national television, called Spangas. In the serie she played a girl named Clara. Clara is getting bullied because she wears outboard braces. 

In addition, Sheetal did a nice infomercial web series for Philips Healthcare where the future of the hospitals and technology is being discussed. This series is to give young people more insight in the world of medical healthcare and how new technology will influence the healthcare industry. Sheetal was happy to participate in this web series as she is not unfamiliar with this topic. Her younger sister has chronic asthma and has to go to the hospital every quarter of the year, therefore she is aware how this topic could help others in the near future. 


Sheetal’s profile and appearance ables her to cast for a broad variety of roles. From being a young teenager to serious adult roles.

Want to know more about Sheetal or you would like to find out how Sheetal can be part of your projects? Let’s connect! 

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